When it comes to Dental Implant surgery, Dr. Copulos wants to be as precise and accurate as possible. New technologies, like the cone beam x-ray, give us the information we need to perform procedures at the highest level of precision possible, giving you the best results.

Unlike a traditional x-ray, which creates two-dimensional images, a cone beam x-ray actually creates a three-dimensional image of your mouth. Using this image and the important information it provides, we can then plan and perform your treatment.

To create it’s remarkable detailed images, the machine first travels around your head, taking pictures from different angles. The computer then puts all of this information together to give us a remarkably detailed 3-D image that we can then use in minutes to both diagnose problems and plan treatment.

Dr. Copulos main goal, is to provide you with the absolute best care that modern dentistry has to offer, and the cone beam x-ray scanner allows us to do precisely that. Using the detailed information provided by the scanner, we can avoid placing an implant in an area where it won’t be properly supported or even plan a graft to build up bone in areas where it isn’t dense enough.

We’re excited to have this type of technology available so that we can provide you with extraordinary care. To learn more about our practice, give us a call at (561) 338-7115.