Is the condition of your gums causing you to stop smiling? Are you looking long in the tooth? Are you avoiding foods due to cold sensitivity? Gum recession can create these problems and can be caused by a number of issues, from brushing too aggressively, orthodontic movement of teeth, thin gum and advanced periodontal disease. Once your gums recede, you may require surgical treatment to restore them. Without treatment, you are likely to experience sensitivity in the exposed roots and an increased risk of decay. Dr. Copulos utilizes patients’ own tissue to reduce unsightly roots that are exposed from years of aggressive toothbrushing.

Three different types of gum grafting procedures are available to help restore your gum tissue:

Free Gingival Graft Procedure – This type of graft allows us to increase the amount of gum and to prevent further recession. It is placed it in such a way that it blends with your other gum tissue, improving the condition of your gums.

Subepithelial Gingival Graft Procedure – This type of graft decreases the amount of exposed root surface and prevents further recession. Exposed root surfaces are where the gum has pulled back far enough to show the yellow root.

Pinhole Surgical Technique – State of the art grafting procedure that requires no incisions, no sutures and no discomfort.

Before planning your procedure, Dr. Copulos will take the time to discuss your treatment plan with you and let you know what treatment he recommends and why. We feel it’s important for you to understand your care, and we’ve found that informed patients are involved patients.

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