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Thomas A. Copulos, DDS, PA

SPECIALTIES: Double boarded in Periodontics and Dental Implants by the American Board of Periodontology

DENTAL TRAINING: Emory University, Case Western Reserve University School of Dental Medicine

PERIODONTAL TRAINING: University of Florida School of Dental Medicine

Dr. Thomas Copulos takes a holistic approach to patient care and designs custom comprehensive treatment plans for his patients. His clinical interests include dental implants, surgical and non-surgical periodontal therapy and bone grafting for dental implants. “Newer dental implant designs and surfaces allow us to shorten the time from placement to permanent tooth to 6 weeks under certain circumstances. We also have the technology to place a temporary tooth on the implant on the same day as placement. This prevents needless removable appliances as temporary teeth maintaining the space for cosmetics and the future tooth. These newer implants are a game-changer! Just like knee and hip replacements where you start using the joints immediately after surgery, we are trying to accomplish this with dental implants,” states Dr. Copulos.

Dr. Copulos believes that a beautiful smile means more than pearly whites. It also means having healthy gums that follow the level of the bones. When receding gums occur due to aging, harsh brushing or after braces, Dr. Copulos is delighted to be one of a select few Periodontists in Boca Raton to offer the Pinhole Surgical Technique to his patients. “I personally trained with the inventor of this revolutionary scalpel-free and suture-free treatment, Dr. John Chao,” boasts Dr. Copulos. “The results are almost instantaneous with very little discomfort and bruising and without the need for veneers or crowns for a fresh new smile.”


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